Never Again: Sequel to The Different One (Naruto Fanfiction)

Never Again: Sequel to The Different One (Naruto Fanfiction)

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Sequel to The Different One. I recommend you read that one first. 

Hibiki Tsukino has left the Leaf Village after saving the criminal Itachi Uchiha from his brother, Sasuke. She has been living on the streets, doing secret missions for people, but refusing to kill anyone. She was back to living alone and never staying too long in one place. While she does this she earns the name Protector, setting a few targets on her. When Naruto meets the Protector, what will happen?


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- - Apr 04, 2017
T~T it's amazing!!!!~ XD glad there's already a sequel up. I probably would've died if there wasn't 😅
WanderingPlus WanderingPlus Jul 01, 2017
I don't know why but I have a feeling...they're all gonna die...
AuoraRose AuoraRose Oct 23, 2017
I just gasped rather loudly and now everyone in the classroom is looking at me.
Alphrado_ Alphrado_ Jan 08, 2017
Kyoya Mr.IOwnADeathNoteSoICanKillThatIdiotTamakiForIAmTheShadowKing
anonymousperson-5 anonymousperson-5 Jun 17, 2016
I can't find this book when I searched it using internet after maybe 5 hour's or so I when I was about to add it it was already in my library....
PerfectlyFaulty PerfectlyFaulty Jan 04, 2016
Wow, you have greatly improved your writing style since the first book. I am amazed at how good this chapter is, incredible job!