Suna Kokoro- Gaara x OC Fanfiction

Suna Kokoro- Gaara x OC Fanfiction

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Kusanagi Sawako, 12 years old, is the last of her clan. She happens to fall in love with a red-head. With many obstacles and losses, can they stay together and forever? What happens when an arranged marriage comes their way? 

I suck at descriptions, so please excuse that. I don't own Naruto or the pictures. I only own my OC(s) and the plot(ish).

ON-GOING-An Updated message of July 2014

ON-GOING-An Updated message of August 2014


UNDER HEAVY EDITING: I never realized how many mistakes I made until I read it over again. I'm sorry for those who had to deal with the cringy story.

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