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It is said that one day, when the time is right, a female worthy of abilities as awesome as the male Leōnae will be chosen. She will be the one and only female of her race; a novelty of sorts. And when this female is born, a war unlike any have ever seen before will take place. It will be a war where every single race in existence will battle each other for glory, power, resources, ocean side views, territory, tall lumps of dirt and rocks to build things on- well, that part's kind of fuzzy, but the point is everyone's fighting. The only hope for salvation, for an end to this horrible, nightmare-inducing, life-threatening, vulgar, horrendous, terrible war, will be this single girl. This girl who has been blessed with powers unlike anyone has ever dreamed. This one girl that will be stronger, cooler, faster, smarter, and awesomer than any being that has and will ever live. That is the story of the female Slayer.

Okay, so maybe its been blown a little out of proportion... it may not even be a real prophecy; it could just be a story that mothers tell their kids at night, who knows. 

(Warning: Contains mildly graphic violence and disturbing mental issues later on)

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