The Passing [COMPLETE]

The Passing [COMPLETE]

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Jessica Sutton By jessica_sutton Completed


Book One of the Passing Series

Ranked #1 in Plague 2.22.19
Ranked #4 in ZombieApocalypse 2.26.19
Ranked #1 in Survive 5.9.19

It's been 15 years since the world was ripped apart by man eating monsters- Roamers. Brought back from the dead to feast on healthy flesh and spread the deadly virus. 

When Kimila Winsly was a child, she witnessed her mother and father die from the virus, in gruesome ways. Now, years later, when life finally starts to feel normal, her brother, and only family left, gets bit. 
And they are in the pathway of danger, when Sam says there is a horde coming. 

Now Kimila is on the run, with unexpected company, in search of sanction. 

Things happened and days are numbered, and with every turn is another loss. How will Kimila keep it together?

*This story is in the process of being rewritten!*

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