Black Ice | Deathsworn #1

Black Ice | Deathsworn #1

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[ILLUSTRATED!] Getting reincarnated with her memory intact was the last thing Evyionne wanted. Fed up by the life she'd had before, all she wanted was to fade away into oblivion. But when did things ever go her way, right? Throw in the fact that she gets reborn in a world where, blessed by eight mythical entities, people called Conduits become capable of manipulating the different elemental domains. How hard can be it to start over?

Well, it's only going to get harder.

Not only does Evyionne gain the rarest affinity for death, but her reincarnation leaves a hole in the boundaries that sing an impending calamity for her new world. To make it EVEN harder, she is raised in a brothel and becomes embroiled in the affairs of the royal succession.

Either way, she can't live out her new life like she intended to--not when death himself is constantly meddling with her business.


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