masked | nina rueda | coming soon in third person

masked | nina rueda | coming soon in third person

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nina By ninarueda Updated Feb 14

"The only thing you are other than beautiful is mine.."

   "You control me in the palm of your hand. I can't resist."


When well known model Raelynn Tucker becomes a victim in a house fire, she passes on trending opportunities that could potentially lead to a better career, fearing comments on her now 'lower standard' looks. However after these repetitive actions of ignoring her agent, she loses her label, forcing her out of her complimentary apartment and is now entitled homeless.

But after Sean Anderson, Raelynn's possibly new co-model, offers her a place to stay, he takes an interest in her said to be 'bad looks', silently admiring the way she moves, talks, cooks, eats- silently falling in love with her, not that he would ever admit to it.

With Raelynn facing depression, the trouble of finding a job, and the self conscious her new appearance gives her, Sean will find winning Raelynn's damaged heart a harder challenge than anything else.

Raelynn herself faces challenges as well, but the biggest challenge of all is keeping up her strong mask to repel the hot, tempting, and irresistible man living with her that could very much break her facade.

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