His Secret

His Secret

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His name is Jason Adams. Her name is Jennifer Devin. If you put them in the same room — you’ll have a world of hell.

Life hasn’t been the greatest to 16 year old Jason Adams. He has a lot of issues in his life, and even though he isn’t quite an adult yet, those issues left him on the streets. In other words, he’s homeless. But one night while driving home, 15 year old Jennifer Devin, and her mother spot the young man on the side of the road, holding a sign that no one wants to see a person at such a young age holding. Jennifer’s mother is outraged at the sight and takes the extreme risk of welcoming him into their home. Or more like, only Jennifer's mother welcomes him. Jennifer finds Jason annoying and somewhat obnoxious while she silently questions his past and predicts his not-so-good future. But what happens when she gets a little time to know him? Drama, love, tears, violence, regrets, fights, and so much more plus the world's weight are all on Jennifer Devin's shoulders when Jason comes into her life. Can she keep up with her very hectic and high demanding life or will she fall through the cracks and lose everything she has worked so hard for? Will she have to give up her dream of being a professional dancer or can Jason somehow help her?
And even though Jason has practically started over his life, will his past come back to haunt him? And when it does, will Jennifer get involved? 

His name is Jason Adams. His Secret  — you don’t want to know.

storyline3201 storyline3201 Dec 30, 2017
Ok well I hope you don’t mind me letting a guy I saw on the street come over the cops just kept chasing him I mean... he had no where else to go!
TheWriter28 TheWriter28 Mar 05
I know a family who took a homeless guy in and he stabbed the mother, son and dad, the only one to survive was the dad. I also know "homeless" people who go out and drink, who have tons of money yet stay on the street for more.
The_Playboy_Bunny The_Playboy_Bunny Sep 08, 2016
That's the problem. You shouldn't look away. Just because it's out of your sight doesn't mean it's not happening. If you see someone in need and you can help, you should help.
Capri_baby Capri_baby Jun 14, 2016
Like no the girl wants to give Jason $20 like tf first off he is 16 not even an adult so just don't even start with me bitch don't eve start
Didi_Sastra Didi_Sastra Aug 08, 2016
Oh the irony. This happened to me 15 months back. Aunt Simone is the best. Not really my aunt but when she found a job she kept contact with us and is coming over for Women's Day tomorrow.