Close To You

Close To You

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Aleka Floarea By AlekaFloarea Completed

A billionaire offered me a million dollars to be with him for one night. I was confused because my husband and I were having no money.

A million dollars so much and able to pay for our lives. On the other hand I love my husband, taste-it's not worth it. But we really have no money. I want to do it for my husband.

I love him and do not want to see him in debt. We decided to take the offer. My husband and I decided after that night we would not bring it up again.

I figured after that night we could pay off our debt with that one million dollars by redeeming our house. But all changed. He chose to leave. It feels every day like a month without him.

A billionaire was trying to approach me. Even though I refused it completely, he always had a way of approaching me. Come to office and buy property.

Somehow, he managed to catch my eye. Filling my husbands void. He treated me so well. I want to file divorce to my husband. I hesitated. Is the love we coached for years gone?