I Hate That I Love You

I Hate That I Love You

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I Hate That I Love You

Chapter 1


Carly's POV

I started to panic when I heard the world start to count down from 10.

"10... 9... 8..."

I looked around for my best friend, Blair Bradley, but she was no where to be found. All I saw was her parents and her boyfriend's - Aiden Chambers - parents.

The pang of loneliness hit me.

Since my parents were always away, I spent most of my holidays with her family. So here I was, on New Years Eve, watching Time Square on the Bradley's flat screen TV as the yearly ball started to drop. 

"7... 6... 5..."

What do I do now?

I guess I kiss myself. No big deal. Lifting my elbow, I got ready to make out with the curve of my hand.

"4... 3... 2..."

 My heart dropped as I was whipped around and crushed against a hard body. I didn't have time to scream because lips crashed down on mine in a rough manner. My eyes automatically fluttered closed as I felt the kiss.

It started out as...

Puma_987 Puma_987 Sep 17
1SelenaD 1SelenaD Sep 19
I'm just trying to figure out why she was so surprised by that.... I mean the only other men in the house were two dads and her best friends boyfriend... sooooo that only leaves one person 🤔
hannant hannant Sep 15
I like to see this side of the story, where when others see her as this beautiful figure and yet here she is slightly putting herself down and not knowing how gorgeous she is!! I think im gonna like her even more after finishing this book😂
1SelenaD 1SelenaD Sep 19
That sounds about like her putting a vacuum hose up to her lips 😂