Being apart only brings us closer

Being apart only brings us closer

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floralscenx By floralscenx Updated Apr 26, 2014

When a popular but rebellious Parker Evans is threatened with expulsion after a prank to a high school fellow student goes wrong, his punishment is to participate in various activities. During his punishment he is forced to interact with silent, bookish Erin Jones.  A girl he has known for many years but never dared to speak too. 

Erin avoids all contact with Parker and keeps herself to herself, until Parker begins to direct flirty comments at her. She ignores his stupid remarks and tells him clearly to promise not to fall in love with her. Parker smirks at her remark beliving Erin to be the last person with whom he would ever fall in love with. After all, Parker has easy access to the prettiest and most popular girls in town; and between her shy persona and old-fashioned wardrobe, Erin doesn't exactly fall into that category.

The two slowly form a tentative friendship as Parker continues his cheeky comments in which Erin soon rejects him on many and embarrasses him infront of his friends. One day, Erin approaches Parker at his locker, where he is hanging out with friends. When Erin replies to one of his sarky comments from earlier, Parker replies harshly and his friends laugh and Parker's smirk falters as Erin's face fills with betrayal and embarrassment. Erin later on sarcastically remarks that they can be "secret friends" before throwing paper into his face. 
During the time when Erin bluntly ignores him, Parker sets a plan which involves a huge risk in which he simply asks Erin one question. "Truth or Dare?" 

Soon after a change of life events lay ahead where the two confess something they would never have dreamed of and where one of the two get emotionally hurt.

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