Reincarnated in otome games

Reincarnated in otome games

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Althea: your highness I'm the villainess, in the future I will interfere with your love life and I will bully the heroine so that you can have a happy future.

Aaron: okay tell me when you are going to bully, I will help you.

Althea: (pout) No, Your role is supposed to help the heroine not me!

Aaron: you are my wife, how can I help other girl?😉

Althea: 😓 I'm not your wife! you can have the heroine as your wife and I will find someone else to marry.

Aaron: (dark smile) okay 

Althea: really? (Unease)

Aaron: yes, but I will tell the whole continent you are mine, let me see who is going to go against me.

Althea: impossible! Everyone know you are in the list of the strongest rank in the guild board, do you want me to die as an old lady?!

Aaron: don't worry you have me.

Althea: then I will runaway😤

Aaron: (use magic) where are you going?

Althea: why did you put barrier plus how can you set the magic circle instantly?

Aaron: how do you think? 😏

Althea: ..........(this guy definitely practice, where did the kind Prince go? I don't know this black belly prince!) 😫

She wake up in an unfamiliar world and beside her the mysterious book has cross the world with her. Not only that she realize the world she live in is actually not unfamiliar to her but it is the world of an otome game she play before she die.

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