Ending Jasmine.

Ending Jasmine.

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black-unicorn-from-mars By blackOmars Updated May 06

There's so many reason's why High school will be the cause of every teenagers fucked up mental state.

UNLUCKY for you , you get to be in this world and get mind fucked.GOOD LUCK!
She has always been a happy person, you would never see her sad or depressed. Infect all of them never showed a sign of sadness, maybe because they were good at faking everything, even  the friendship they claim to have with her.

Discover the lives of BROKEN RICH KIDS, who have everything but happiness.
They all have a darkness in them which needs lighting .

Jasmine  takes us through her  hard times.She is stuck in loving one person who cant love her back, stuck with her "fake friends" who are also battling  through their lives  . 

She has done everything for them, she tried making them happy, she has listened to them cry but nobody bothered to listen to her or even ask her 'Whats going on?". not even the one person who she was falling hard for, Evan.

Nobody really cared , until it all Ended

this book contains  Sexual references, Strong language, Depression triggers and FUNNY content also Bad grammar cause i'm still EDITING  ***