My Mysterious Mate ( Book 1 )

My Mysterious Mate ( Book 1 )

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Something drove the soon-to-be Alpha to stick to his ridiculous philosophy that, "A life without mate is the best." This happy-go-lucky successor vowed to only focus in leading his pack, no distraction. And as if the divine beings were not pleased with what Troy Smith was thinking, the course of fate altered. 

Troy met Angel, in the most unexpected way. The most mysterious girl he has ever met. The only known white werewolf alive. And this she-wolf turned out to be his mate.

Troy: (chapter 10-part two )
                        "I never wanted a mate. And I will never want one," I said directly at her. There's no point trying to say it in a good way. I know it's still miserable to hear. ------>> How long can Troy keeps ignoring his mate if the very thought of marking and touching her is uncontrollable? 

Angel: (chapter 29-part two) 
                         "Why am I so different from everyone?" I asked. That's about the summation for all my inquiries. "You are different because you're special Angel. You are very different because you have powers," dad answered without hesitation while looking at me. ------>>> Would Troy be able to understand and solve the mystery that's coming their way? 

Queen Spirit: (chapter 32) 
                            "She will die. Fate has it written down. You have to figure out what her nightmares mean. They are signs. They are bad omen. Looking for that woman will stop her death and you will stop a great war among packs from arising too." ----->>> Or is Troy ready to make a difficult choice on the deepest mystery of all: to save or to sacrifice.  

- more chapters snippet 

I really hope you like it.. this is my first werewolf and fantasy story... ^-^

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