Maybe Age Does Matter | Dean Ambrose

Maybe Age Does Matter | Dean Ambrose

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They say nothing should matter when you love someone. As long as you love them everything is okay right? That's only when you think unrealistically but in the real world it does matter. Twelve years is a big age gap and maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't matter in the end but in this case, age does matter.

Started: 10.25.14
Finished: 2.15.16

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daddydean123 daddydean123 Mar 22, 2017
Bro if i was Riley, i won't hesitate to cheat on my man with dean ambrose 😍😍😁
kiwipineapples kiwipineapples Jun 27, 2016
I can take a selfie with his phone after i put in my phone number
milkforhomos milkforhomos Nov 15, 2015
I fallen in love with Dean while
                              He was 29 oh and me IM 11!!! But does it matter???
Bunnie_Bunn Bunnie_Bunn Nov 14, 2015
Hell yeah. Age doesn't matter, that's why I am falling for Seth now  XD  he's 29 and I'm 14. So what?  XD