A Slight Deviation ✔️ [COMPLETE]

A Slight Deviation ✔️ [COMPLETE]

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NamelessOne By NamelessOne Completed

Harry/Ginny one shot wherein a slight deviation occurs from the night of the seven Potters and Harry's rescue from Privet Drive. 

If you've read This Life of Mine, you'll recognize the beginning of this one shot and see it transform into a whole new story. 


*Previously titled Young Love, but this one rolls off the tongue much nicer, don't you think?

We all have those weird things we do when we get nervous. For me, I am constantly moving in anyway possible. For Mrs Weasley, she stress cleans.
I need more of this! I think this is my absolute favorite Hinny story.. even if it is just a one shot.
                              You are so talented and amazing.. I can't even. Wow. 
                              Please please please someday, continue this? It's really wonderful.
Beautiful piece of writing, I truly felt the emotion and cried so hard reading this.
NerdWithoutGlasses19 NerdWithoutGlasses19 Aug 29, 2016
I can't even 
                              I'm so done
                              The feels have come
                              This is to cute
                              Much love
                              Such wow
Styleswifezz Styleswifezz Mar 25, 2016
I've probably read this more than a 100 times, and i still cried at each one of them.. i would be soo glad and happy if u werd to continue this...😘😉
NerdWithoutGlasses19 NerdWithoutGlasses19 Aug 31, 2016
I swear just a few weeks ago I saw a photo of Dan and Bonnie wearing   something close to what Harry and Ginny are wearing in this story:
                              She was wearing a black tank top
                              He was wearing a white shirt
                              What does this mean?!