A Little Something Unexpected (Mother at Seventeen)

A Little Something Unexpected (Mother at Seventeen)

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Abby's world is turned upside down when she finds out she is pregnant two days after her 15th birthday. After a one night stand, Abby and Jake- the guy she slept with, decide to go their separate ways and pretend it never happened. So when she finds out she is pregnant with his baby she makes the decision not to tell him and give the baby up for adoption.  

(Nine months later)
 Abby returns to school after a long stay at her aunts house in Minnesota and tries to pick up her life again after having her baby. 

(One and a half years later) 
When tragedy strikes and the couple that adopted her baby die, the court decides to out Bree back into Abby's custody providing she is in a stable home and wants her daughter back. 
Now, after a whole year and a half later Abby is a teen mom, with no experience and caring for a one and a half year old. How will she explain this turn of events to her boyfriend and with Jake still having to see her everyday at school, is time to finally tell him the truth? Can she keep this secret forever? 

How will Abby handle being a mother at seventeen?

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