The Dark Witch: Rising (Avengers Fanfic)

The Dark Witch: Rising (Avengers Fanfic)

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"You lived among the shadows all your life and suddenly you seek the light?"

"Crazy I don't want to listen to you-"

"I think she's allowed to choose what she wants."

"Nor do I want orders, Ice pick."


Lorelie Brook.

An enhanced that could level a city.

Armed only with her sarcasm, wit and specific skill set she was nothing more but a means to an end.

SHIELD needed someone to do their dirty work.

They needed someone who could risk it all.

And she was the perfect candidate.

With no backstory and no life, she is thrown into a world of hurt that had no intentions of stopping.

Being captured by HYDRA was just the tip of the ice berg. 

They call her the Dark Witch.

And her very special abilities live up to that name.

Everybody wants to use her. Everybody wants what's hers.

And she's had enough.

The Tesseract calls to her.

And in the distant universe.

The Mad Titan calls too.