With You┃Dylan O'Brien

With You┃Dylan O'Brien

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Naomi♡ By PrincessNoamy Completed


Anita Burns has just moved from rainy Washington to sunny California where everything is different. With grades, friends, cheerleading, health issues and family to worry about, this new life can be overwhelming. Not wanting to feel alone like she used to in Washington, Anita sets out to find people that will stay by her side through thick and thin. Among her new companions is Dylan, a mysteriously attractive boy who catches her eye despite others doubts about him. Facing the many obstacles and trials that make up her life, Anita's strength is put to the test as well as her bonds with family and friends.

⌲ 24 May 2015 / #503 in Teen Fiction
Started: 7 April, 2014
Finished: 13 April, 2016

salva445 salva445 Jul 24
Like seriously we had snow one day and then the sun was bright and shining the next and it was really hot it went from 40 to 69 like wtf.our weather is the definition of mixy.
Wowowwwww I wish my parents could surprise me with a hell cat challenger or a 1965 mustang
KAWWAIlydia KAWWAIlydia Jun 28
I remember being called a Tp and then me and my mate called a teacher a name and yeah we got excluded 😂 opps ...
Yashielys Yashielys Jun 20
I would have turned around and yelled "Who's trying to take my soul?!"
If it's Mark Thomas, why the hell is his song in a Dylan O'brien story? 😂
Ya'll should go to Colorado. 80 degrees one day and the next 47 degrees and a blizzard.