Midnight Man

Midnight Man

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E.M.S.D By emsd01 Updated May 12, 2018

"In the eve of the Sunlit, oh how the children do cry."

Lack of an education, out-of-place one-liners and a terrible sense of justice are just some of the few things that make Lorenz Ilse a terrible Ghoul Investigator. Despite all of this, at the age of twenty-four, she is promoted to Rank 1 Investigator.

Also, trying too hard to impress her older brother and failing to control her younger brother are just another of the few things that make Lorenz Ilse the best damn Investigator in the whole of Tokyo!

Or, things begin to tear at the seams when the cute boy Lorenz Ilse sits behind in English Lit suddenly shows up to class with an eyepatch and an apparent new set of taste buds.

A LOT Manga Spoilers for Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul: Re
Rated M

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