His Claim

His Claim

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Ritwika Das By rdritwika Updated Oct 23, 2018

He pinned her frail body on the mattress with his body leaving no room for her to move . Her heart was beating frantically when he pinned her wrists above her head , cutting any movement whatsoever . 

Every inch of her body was pressed against his hard muscles. His gaze unnerved her. His threatening fangs were making it hard for her to keep the eye contact. 

She was scared of him . The fear was rolling off of her in disgusting waves . He growled not liking the fact that his female was afraid of him .


He was ruthless.
She was not.

She was innocent.
He was deceiving.

He was a vampire,she was a Fae. 

Evelyn's life was upside down  when she was snatched from her home by the night creature with demonic eyes and threatening fangs,at a young age .

He frightened her with his first glance, in a completely new environment how will the tiny, scared Evelyn survive? 

After all there's no place for weaks in the Vampire kingdom.

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