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Ticci toby X reader

Ticci toby X reader

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Toby (Charm) By LuckyHetalian Completed

Will you stay sane? or will you fall in love with a Killer Teenager? 
(y/n)'s Sister having to be Murders. Leaves her to join them. Having met a teenage boy with grey skin and orange goggles tried to kill her once along with her Little sister Gail, Who is also a Murderer, Might have sprouted some feelings about her. Will Toby Figure out his feeling about her? Will he kill her or love her?

Hullo... It's meh.... Mah name's Ticci Toby and I'll kill your family.... HULLO FROM DE OTHER SIDE~
Well apparently we are brave enough to flip the bird to a murder and 1 minute later you and your sister are both dead
timberbloodymoonCP timberbloodymoonCP Nov 06, 2016
Sees a car run over a dog the car crashes catching on fire causing a building explode it causes everyone in and out side to die the building falls on a house the whole earth explodes wow worst day ever XD
GoToMyNewAccountplzz GoToMyNewAccountplzz Oct 02, 2016
"and flipped the bird at him" yeah that sounds like something I would do
Xx_Bella_Drowned_xX Xx_Bella_Drowned_xX Nov 06, 2016
*Wakes up* Gali you're fine just go back t- *Toby standing at the door* In my herd 'don't fangitl keep it together you're with Ben)
timberbloodymoonCP timberbloodymoonCP Nov 06, 2016
Naaaah UR fine ou-OH SNAP TOBY RUN FAN GIRLS(hears a goat scream and a shatter on the other side and a front door slam)XD IT WORKED