No Time To Heal [BTS J.Jk]

No Time To Heal [BTS J.Jk]

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Ahlpa By ahlpa_wp Updated Mar 07

Jungkook, Maknae of BTS, was always happy and perfectly fine. Never seemed to be bothered by anything and never the one to give up anything.

At least that is what he wants everyone to think.

But truth be told: he was not ok.

Not after what has been going on. Not after all the time he has spent alone. Not after he broke into a million tiny pieces.

This Story is completely fictional. Anything that is happening in here does not involve any real happenings. Do not harass anyone for anything happening and written in this book. 

❗️This book can trigger, please read at own risk.
❗️Angst involved.

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