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francanebrown By francanebrown Updated Jul 17, 2018

I am the princess of all shadow hunters with the mother of a shadowhunter and a father who is a werewolf. I am kaniya Horendal-du-pan-lake.Welcome to my world a lonely world which is about to get interestin.Who will I  meet will there be love in the future. Read to find out.

The main character Kaniya Horendal-du-pan-lake is a  girl who loves nature because of her werewolf side. She also loves to protect her family seeing that she does not have any friends wet.  Her name  mostly her last name Horendale-du-pan-lake consist of shadowhunters, miraculous ladybug, and troll hunters. Horendale  the head of the clave it is the family that jace horendale is from. this is the last name of her mother meaning that her grandpa was the jace horendale. Miraculous, the maraculous lady bug is apart of this because of the second and third words in her name Du-pan. In maraculos a girl called Merinette du-pan-chang is going to reseve a power from a talking lady bug called tiki who is going to help her purify pusesed butterflies. But if you want to understand even more watch it on Netflix or YouTube. Last  not least Troll hunter this is a cartoon similar to miraculous ladybug Jim Lake is a boy who got his power from an amulet. which helps him fight of evil trolls. Also Kaniya got her last name lake from her dad Edward Lake, mother Bella horendale. So this story is a combination of different movies, anime and cartoons so please enjoy.

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