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Šâtânic Šöūl By _InvisibleWriter_ Completed

"I Alpha Slade Silver reject you as my mate and Luna of this pack." He said with confidence and disgust. Big mistake, My dear Alpha.

"I Valerie Cole, officially dont care." After those words left my mouth, his disgusted look turned into pure shock. I pushed him off of me and walked away.

I refuse to run from him. I refuse to cry. I will stay strong. Just like my mother taught me. 
[This isn't the exact words and shit she says in the book, but adding the rest would make the description very long]

Now what?

Will Valerie take him back after he begs her to? She's not that easy to get. What will happen next? That's for you to read and find out.

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Aunie1290 Aunie1290 Nov 16, 2017
well isn't she just a ray of sunshine * please note the sarcasm*
Luna_Frost_Assassin Luna_Frost_Assassin Dec 18, 2017
Welp all the peps including me don’t have to kick his āss and SLAY QUEEN SLAY
kpopasshole kpopasshole Dec 26, 2017
Bitch. So many people use the pack name Dark Moon and I find it funny because I use it too, except since I'm weird I spelled it weird too. I spell it with an e but it's silent so it's Dark Moone pack. Lol
Luna_Frost_Assassin Luna_Frost_Assassin Dec 18, 2017
I hate pink love purple and black plus this bish a fūcking Rainbow 🌈
Snowy_WolfDog Snowy_WolfDog Mar 20, 2017
Uhh didn't in the first chap. Didn't it say her father was the Alpha???
kpopasshole kpopasshole Dec 26, 2017
Why can't that be a natural hair color?!?? Like I want me some natural real hair. Or purple. I want some very rare eye color too! (Purple eyes are real. They are just VERY rare)