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[Dean Winchester kid au]

"You really are Dean's kid."

Warning: this was my first book, and the writing is really cringy. You've been warned.

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Because you wouldn't call 911 before hitting play on the recorder??
Damn it Dixon! Now the fan girls are freaking out because you ain't in ya show! Your drunk, go home!
So much for not being murdered or somethin😑😶😞😭😭😭😭
insane_Kid insane_Kid Sep 21
Uh yeah, well so get this; I get home from school and realize my mom's dead and ur my dad.
shaileyghi shaileyghi Oct 06
Sammy honey you mean brother and you just knocked into your niece
My names Hannah, Hannah baker this is the story of my life more specifically why it ended and if your listening to these tapes your one of the reasons why