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Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno

100K Reads 5.2K Votes 36 Part Story
lovediamonds1234 By lovediamonds1234 Completed

Follow Sakura Haruno, a strong willed woman with a nasty temper who is forced to fill some pretty steep heals, and make new friends and enemies along the way, and who knows, maybe she might find something more...

I am slowly editing this book. I've went back and read some of it and was like 'did I really write this?' It's an embarrassing mess, but I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

PurpleLoverJelsa PurpleLoverJelsa Sep 06, 2016
Well, make Sakura angry. Get her to punch you and see what happens.... Just saying this girl is dangerous
Sakura_Nara_Hyuga Sakura_Nara_Hyuga Jul 15, 2016
U killed bae. Even tho I cll everyone I SHIP Sakura with bae
storys_ohne_thema storys_ohne_thema Aug 23, 2016
That's the most stupid question you could ask a shinobi... Someone doing the jounin-test none the less
__-Zanen-__ __-Zanen-__ Feb 05
I killed someone you see..
                              I killed the person who used to be me
Lady_Shiari Lady_Shiari Feb 08, 2016
Dammzit I'm in the library and I just gasped really loudly... now everyone is starring -_-" 
                              Oh well I love this story so much!
cherryblossoms365 cherryblossoms365 Aug 15, 2016
I love sakura so much(shes one of my idols) but I believe Naruyo should be hokage I mean it was his long life dream. That's just seem so unfair.