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Blood on the Motorway

Blood on the Motorway

126 Reads 31 Votes 28 Part Story
Paul Stephenson By PRSBooks Updated Mar 06

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Tom is a layabout ex-student waiting for his life to start or the power to get cut off, whichever comes first. Jen works two jobs, hates both, and most days is too hungover to deal with either. Detective Burnett is trying to work out who the hell has turned his sleepy English village into a murder town.

Then the skies fill with a mysterious storm, and each of them wakes to find streets filled with bodies. The world they knew has gone, and their old lives with it. Now Tom finds himself at the hands of a deranged mercenary, Jen finds herself trying to keep two lovestruck teenagers alive, and Burnett must track down a killer who sees the apocalypse as an opportunity for more mayhem.

Who will survive this gripping and blackly comic saga of murder and stale sandwiches at the world's end?

  • -thriller
  • apocalypse
  • british
  • dark
  • darkhumor
  • horror
  • horror-thriller
  • post-apocalyptic
  • thriller
  • wattpride
  • wattys2018