Kip's Drabble

Kip's Drabble

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KiplingKat By KiplingKat Updated Jun 27, 2012

It was said that Hemingway wrote the shortest short story in response to a dinner challnge:

"For sale, baby shoes. Never worn."

Whether the story is true or not, it shows the challenge the short story writer has in aiming an arrow at a single point while still seeming to lead a reader along a path to get there.

My contribution to the drabble game:


"He's out," she said quietly, scrolling through the feeds of traffic cameras around Belgrave Square.


"I don't care about your guilt Harry, he's a liability we can't afford."

"He's is the only link we have to the Sarah Caulfield who is the only link we have to Nightingale. She has shown herself still open to giving him information and if what she said is true, we don't have much time."

"...So as we leave ourselves vulnerable, she leaves Nightingale vulnerable."

"Just so."

"Your call, but if the Russians sent him back with his testicles in a jar, the least he could do is hand them ove...

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