Esperance || Paul Lahote

Esperance || Paul Lahote

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M By 67BlackImpala Updated Jan 18, 2019

previously titled beserk

A young gay witch with deadly powers on the fringe is traveling the U.S. in search of a substitute for suppressing his magic and a way to control his powers.  Ezra Pierce was born into a religiously strict family with no one to rely on. His mother was always too strung out on anti-depression drugs and his father was borderline abusive, switching from borderline when Ezra first began to develop powers he couldn't control.

After a vicious argument that nearly brought an entire city to its knees, Ezra ran from home in search of a better alternative to a magical suppression charm in the form of a ring that took away all magic he possessed.  But after the Collapse, the few remaining witches ran, leaving the new generation to struggle to keep their heads above water with uncontrollable powers and being constantly hunted.

So Ezra runs, finding himself in Forks Washington where he heard rumors of a vampire that might be the solution to his problems.