Beautiful Basset, A Christina Lauren Fanfic

Beautiful Basset, A Christina Lauren Fanfic

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Anne Jamison By AnneJamison2 Updated Apr 28, 2016

My father always said if you want to train a dog, you have to spend every second doing it.

"To get the top dog, you have to start at the bottom-getting them to sit on it, that is," he told me. "Become the person the dog can't live without. Become the Right Hand. Scratch his ears with it, and he'll follow you around the second you leave puppy school." He looked me straight in the eye, imparting more parental wisdom with every passing second. "Especially if you keep your pockets filled with liver treats."

 I had become irreplaceable. My dog needed me to feed him, because he'd been overbred to the point of complete helplessness. And I'd definitely become the Right Hand-he loved being scratched behind the ears. It just happened most days, I wanted to slap him right in his long, fuzzy face.

Not that I would ever do that, because that would be animal abuse and those people should be tortured ruthlessly, like, in front of an enormous plate glass window for an entire major city to see. But ...