You're Not so Bad, Bad boy

You're Not so Bad, Bad boy

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Dylan Lee Taylor, Mckenzie High's own troublesome, trouble maker. Cocky, sarcastic and bitchy. Perfect recipe for driving away boys and being hated by girls.

Brandon Acetone, Badboy. Consumed by thoughts and feelings, but shielded with strength, sarcasm and a fist. And settles for no girl. Both loved and feared by all... except Dylan. 
But why is that?

Dylan says, she hates clichés and will never become one, no matter what; that's easier said than done. Especially when you hang out with "The bad boy" and you've been labelled "The bad girl" Because that's not the cheesiest thing ever! 

Well for Dylan Lee Taylor, you know what they say "Expect the unexpected... or be trapped in a world of disappointment and rejection."

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xoverthinkingdolan xoverthinkingdolan Aug 01, 2017
Ik what happens for once! I'm not a stupid clueless gred after all!
NazaChill NazaChill Apr 11, 2017
If American is a nationality, how is she half american?
                              Wouldnt she just be fillipino but be fillipino american?
znb-baby-xoxox znb-baby-xoxox Jun 20, 2017
Hahhaha but really all songs of hers is about her break ups btw i actually love harry
Melgurlll Melgurlll Aug 19, 2016
👏🏼 literally my town everybody knows everybody and everyone likes to talk bs about people🙄
reina734621 reina734621 Jul 20, 2016
I hate doing math and I suck at it. It's hard to understand and if I learn one topic, juuuuuuust as I'm starting to get it, we move on to another topic and I forget about the other topic completely -_- :'(
yooonat yooonat Aug 21, 2016
Math is actually really simple. I compare it to solving a puzzle or whatever all you have to do is plug in numbers