The Alpha Queen Mated To The Omega (GirlXGirl)

The Alpha Queen Mated To The Omega (GirlXGirl)

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PokeStar213 By PokeStar213 Updated Jun 17, 2018

Author's Note: there are males in this books. But they are in limited numbers as females have evolved to not need use of them. Same sex mates are common in this books. Also if you are not into incest or anything like that, please read other books. Thank you!

-Marie's POV-

Being the Queen of the Werewolves gives you a lot of things. Respect, love, attention, exceptions and the idea of being mated to a powerful wolf. But my wolf urges me to find my true mate. My true mate, that my parents want me to find. But only on one condition, if I do not find her by my twenty-five birthday, I will have to mate with an alpha of their choosing.

So you know why I am searching for my mate. Anyway, I am in my chamber room, getting ready for the night's sleep. I hear a knock on the door. I smell the scent. An omega. Amazing. Omegas are very special to packs and werewolves everywhere. They are the heart of the pack. My mother has often spoken about how she would like for me to mated to an omega, given ...