Science Fiction: A few years into the future and Google has taken over administration of cities leading to a drop in crime. Even the Google police however are struggling to find a piece of equipment stolen from an experimental dermatologist. Detective Stanley is sent in to try and extract some information from the eccentric Dr. Romanov and his more grounded assistant. 
    Will he manage to track down the thief or will he come to realise that appearance truly is only Skin Deep?
I loved this story.  I've never read anything quite like it.
It's great to be back :D I'm actually not supposed to be on now, kinda should be studying for final exams. But they'll be over in 10 days so I'll probably be on a lot more then!
I don't usually like sci-fi but this was so witty and easy to read! I could hear Gus rambling at me the whole time. You've got a lot of short stories for me to catch up on, looking forward to them!
                                    - Z.
@TheOrangutan oh of course, its all very well deserved.  If I have time I may get into one of those contests, sounds fun, as well as trying to writing skills
Awesome writing man. Your setting was good, and so were the characters. You could develop on the futuristic part more though I think. Keep writing! :D
I loved this! The Doctor was immensely funny, quirky and entertainning and the exchanges between him and the detective were so much fun to read. Also, as usual, the twist was unpredictable - not to mention hilarious!