The Unorthodox Life of Aaliyah Kaye Marx

The Unorthodox Life of Aaliyah Kaye Marx

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Cailin (pronounced Kay-lin) By KlnCee Updated Jun 05, 2014

Aaliyah Marx is not a normal seventeen year old girl - she suffers the normal problems: Boys, money, school - but on a whole different scale to that of every other girl her age. 

Involved in illegal businesses and organisations from a very young age and having not known her father for most of her life - Ali is hardened to the violence and cruelty of the world. A wild child with no respect for authority figures or the law - Ali's mother decides it's high time to move back to her own home town of Silverbrooke in California after Ali got kicked out of yet another school. 

This is where Kaden and Danny become part of Aaliyah's life story. Twins, rock stars - and her new next door neighbours. Ali knows they're harvesting a secret but she's not sure what exactly ... And could her older brother be in on it too? 

Follow Ali's turbulent life, the up's and down's of being a teenager become that much more difficult when you add supernatural beings to the mixture.

fadedlikebieber fadedlikebieber May 14, 2014
Not her fav band if she doesn't know hat they look like lmao
CharliePie9 CharliePie9 May 02, 2014
I'm singing this under my breath so as to not wake up my bf lol he's the one that got me into this band =)
TionnaBreanne TionnaBreanne Dec 11, 2013
So who is the oldest? I came back to this chapter to see and I couldn't find it and it confuses me in the other chapters.
This book is soo good, please finish it!!, you've done an outstanding job with this book
Legendary_Princess Legendary_Princess Sep 29, 2013
Lol. "Johnny dead."
                              "Who the hell is Johnny?!"
                              "My dead Ipod."
                              Burst out laughing.
halo48423 halo48423 Sep 16, 2013
Omg as soon as I read the part about his Hollywood undead shirt I fangirled and totally sounded like a trex. It was pretty funny