Subject E305 ( Civil War Fanfic )

Subject E305 ( Civil War Fanfic )

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Zendaya's-wife By avengers_bnra Completed

Subject E305 is not a normal girl. At the age of two her mother left her on the streets of New York City with nothing but a box. She waited for her mother to come back, but she never did. A few days passed and nothing happened. The little girl was scared and hungry, but she never moved from her place. On the third day a van pulled up while the child was asleep in the box. The people on the van saw an opportunity and took the little girl from the streets. The people were HYDRA. They took her to their labs and when she tried to escape they would beat her. They ran test on her, a lot of test, until she became deaf. But that didn't stop them; they taught her lip reading as well as sign language.   

Then something happened. The girl was finally free after 9 years of imprisonment. She walked a long way until she found a city. The very city she was dumped off by her mother. She looked up and there were buildings taller than anything she had ever seen. The 11 year old started to walk around and found a corner. She sat down and rested her head on the wall. She couldn't believe it. She was finally free. 

Disclaimer: most characters are for marvel studios. 

Warning: There are a bunch of bad and inappropriate words.

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