strong ↣ larry mpreg au

strong ↣ larry mpreg au

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'You make me strong'

A fanfiction in which Louis is an innocent and naive struggling eighteen year old who got pregnant with his ex's baby and Harry is the twenty-seven year old owner of a large company that Louis could never remember the name of.

{Larry Stylinson AU. Contains mpreg, or 'male pregnancy', so be warned.}

Cover by: @EvouzAg

Portuguese » @boocetinha28

*dies* *comes back to life* *sees a Larry pic behind his head* *dies harder*
crazyrazy crazyrazy Jun 14
Bish everything is a damn sin, u could've kicked him out when he was first born since everyone is a sinner when their born
lacehazza lacehazza Aug 14
                              BUT I DONT CARE IM NOT SCARED OF LOOOOOOVE
                              CAUSE WHEN IM NOT WITH YOU IM WEAKER 
                              IS THAT SO WRONG ,IS IT SO WRONG
                              THAT YOU MAKE ME STRONG
anticeon anticeon Aug 15
wait are we really gonna pretend harry is a cute name bc boy it aint
HakunaMatata_23 HakunaMatata_23 Nov 27, 2016
Louis: How about I take a ride on that dick of yours
                              Harry: Of course baby, as long as you call me daddy
-LittleLouis- -LittleLouis- Oct 03, 2016
I just wanna take you anywhere that you like. We could go out any day any night