Hey, Mr. President Series (Book One & Book Two) (On Hold)

Hey, Mr. President Series (Book One & Book Two) (On Hold)

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Nicole By MissyNicole93 Updated Jun 18, 2011

(Book One: Hey, Mr. President, I Think You're My Daddy!:Complete)

Katalina Daniels grew up in a what she thought was a normal home. She had her mother and the man she thought was her father, always there, despite the fact that they'd divorced several years before. While helping her mother pack she comes across a photo of her mother with a man that looks a little too much like the Vice President, when she asks about it she's told something she'd have never guessed at. The man in the picture is her biological father. 2 months later her mother dies in a car accident and she's left wondering about the father she'd never met. When she finally decides to start digging, she finds things she never really wanted to know.

(Book Two: Hey, Mr. President, I Thought You Were Dead?: On Hold)

2 years have passed since Katalina's biological father, Richard, was 'murdered' by her now husband's mother, Kathryn. Everyone expected the drama to be over now that the crazy woman was gone, but when you're the daughter of the Vice President, not to mention that you're married to the world's youngest multi-billionaire, can you really expect the drama to fade?

Weeks after Katalina finds out she's pregnant with their second child she gets a strange phone call in the middle of the night from someone she never expected to hear from again. She'd already lost her father to his insane stalker, what more could she have to face?

What happens when the father you thought was dead comes back? When people from your past you'd thought were gone from your life forever start popping up where you never expected them too?

Rosalie_69 Rosalie_69 Jul 08, 2010
I commented on this.. but I never really finished the story.
                              Soo.. AWESOME. I love it.
Mystic_Frost Mystic_Frost Jul 08, 2010
I love it. It's very well written. Maybe it's moving a little fast but I like fast... :) 
coco_pufffffff coco_pufffffff Jun 28, 2010
God y u bein sooo mean jheezzz I think it woz gud - a little short- but still gud. Keep up da gud work :)
XxLMAOxX XxLMAOxX Jun 17, 2010
I like it but can you  make less space between the paragraphs 
xtrinhx xtrinhx Jun 11, 2010
I know this is not the right time, but you should check out my story VAMPIRE OF THE UNDEAD. IT A GREAT STORY. <3<3<3
Notlong Notlong Jun 11, 2010
Wait... why is this in humor?
                              And what happened to your grammar check?