The Three Deaths of Brunhilde

The Three Deaths of Brunhilde

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The women of Wolf Clan have seen the gods do worse than kill. They have seen them kill and bring back.

Mysteriously resurrected after dying at the hands of a strange man, Brunhilde awakens to find he has stolen her granddaughter and her magical axe.  Worse, this man claims to be Mal'anan -- The Gods' Chosen -- bent on making himself Tyrant King of the West.

With her mother's volatile mind-magic slowly driving her insane, and her daughter's siren songs becoming deadly with grief, Brunhilde must marshall her family for a rescue mission that may go against the gods' will, before the axe consumes her infant grandchild. To do that, she must channel the spirit of her great ancestor -- Siggi -- and do the one thing that has proved the destruction of her bloodline time and time again: defy Fate.

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