Naked Neighbors

Naked Neighbors

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alice By seductivestate Updated Jul 21, 2015

"Ohhh YEAH baby!" A girl moans and I jerk upright in bed. Where is that coming from?

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES. RIGHT THERE. Yes!" Absolutely ridiculous. 

Sweet baby Jesus, this is going to be a long night.

Miranda's life is finally beginning. Dismissing the past three years, she moves into a new high rise in downtown Manhattan after college graduation and scores a job as an editor in Manhattan's Publishing House. There's only one problem... The rich prick next door and his excruciating, vexatious sex addiction. Will Miranda ever sleep again, or will she have to take a stand for her own health? When the two cross paths, the unfamiliar tension is far from going unnoticed. Maybe the Sex Machine is more than just an addict.

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Mrs_MJLlona Mrs_MJLlona Jul 31
Hahaha. He should be after all he's a sex starve man. And he's always getting laid. Greek god it is. Lol
I have a hard time liking this dude. I'm getting a greasy-haired, too much cologne, sweaty pits and terrible kisser vibe from him for some unknown reason😂😂
what type of car she have cause i know driving in the city ain't that easy hunnnneeyyyy. Damn i want that car
I really hope he's preforming that Magic Mike scene in there
Smt, boot him. If he doesn't answer, then he's hiding something.