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The cover of darkness lingered about, fraternizing with the subtle breeze, dancing, taunting the Earth like a twisted game only it knew how to play. I always resided in that darkness, drinking it like an addictive drug, numbing my tongue and hating the taste; yet, incapable of terminating the bond.

I needed it, so I thought. Unable to live without it, they told me. It followed me, a shadowed plague there was no cure for, and I believed the lies it spat. I gave into the harsh, chastising whispers it trickled into my broken soul. I drifted into a place where misery and sorrow inhabited with me as their company. And yet, at that moment, the glooming murk of the night did not touch me.

He chipped away at her walls, until, light peeked through the cracks.

Saige O'Connor; there's a lot more to the name than meets the eye, and she can't rest easy just yet. Six months after the horrible scare Cleo Val put the secluded town through, you would think things would get better. But life just loves to throw curveballs into Saige's broken world, one, in particular, putting everyone on edge. 

Sarah Grayson.

Ky made a promise to protect Saige, but that promise is tested greatly when an Unseen traitor is floating about. Who can he trust? How can he fight an enemy he can't see? After all, The Unseen always get what they want.

No one wants to be found, no one wants to be seen.

But they know everything.

The Voiceless saga continues on an incredible adventure with winding turns, plot twists you won't see coming, blossoming romance, and an ending you don't want to miss.

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