Ghost II

Ghost II

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Cocosghost By Cocosghost Updated Apr 25, 2019

When Dylan's father, Mason, inherits a haunted medieval castle in Scottland, Lizzy and Dylan try to solve the mysterious hauntings ruining the castle's tourism business.

Excerpt from Ghost II

"What was that?" Dylan peers at the marshland, slowly disappearing under the incoming tide. I thought I saw someone out on the bog. He or she might need help."

I peer into the darkening, windswept landscape. Shadows play macabre tricks on my eyes as I squint into the dimming light. "How could anyone be out there without sinking into the ground?" The shifting sands make the terrain look treacherous.

 The castle's night guard looks at us with pitying disdain. "You interlopers are all alike. Not someone, something! The tides are coming in. That causeway will be underwater within the hour. You might as well get settled in, you're all here for the night. I suggest you bar the doors of your rooms for your own safety."

My heart catches in my throat as a shrill scream breaks the night air.


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