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Chasing Caterpillars

Chasing Caterpillars

377K Reads 18.9K Votes 33 Part Story
W H I T N E Y By wheadee Completed

Misfits & Outcasts Book One:
        At Edison High, August Worthy is the man. With his great friends, aka the "Elite Five," amazing girlfriend, awesome parties, and epic status on the swim team, August is king. That is until one bad party lands him in a world of trouble. When his parents have had enough, they send him out with nowhere to go. August soon finds himself taking refuge with old family friends. As if that's not embarrassing enough, there's their beautiful yet eccentric daughter, Ellison "Ellis" Andrews, who just won't give August a break.
                 For so long, August has roamed his small suburb of Paradise Acres as king, but all comes to a head when he learns his parents are in financial trouble. Not only that, their marriage is dwindling down as well. Everything is in chaos for August, and it doesn't make it any easier as Ellis makes it clear she doesn't want to share a house with Mr. Big Shot on campus. The last thing August wants to deal with is ice-cold Ellis and her unwarranted attitude towards him on top of all his other problems. 
                 At what first is a sure thought of disaster, August and Ellis begin to learn that the alternatives of dealing with each other isn't as bad as it's cracked up to be. When he's too ashamed to confess to his friends about his woes, August finds himself confiding in Ellis, who makes a plan to fix his parents' marriage. And unlike her parents, August sees Ellis for who she really is, a caterpillar too good to be a butterfly. When the king of the town begins to fall for the wallflower nobody appreciates, August will soon wonder what's worth chasing more, his status or the eccentric girl who has his heart.

Deby305 Deby305 4 days ago
Nahh, it's not all about looks but I'm sure he's gonna learn that.
Regenexx Regenexx Mar 20
I couldn't be like that b/c you'd have give him a gift for that, his birthday, Christmas and valentines day I'd probably be like 1yr anniversary or 2yr anniversary😭😭😭 she crazy that would be too many gifts to come up with