Ode to an LBS (Little Black Shirt)

Ode to an LBS (Little Black Shirt)

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fedoralady60 By fedoralady60 Updated Feb 26, 2011

Ode to the LBS (Little Black Shirt)

(Having paid tribute to Richard Armitage's new "Thorin" inspired beard, I now wax rhapsodic (and tongue in cheek) over that enticing top he wore, which I have dubbed the LBS.)

 Much is made, we must confess

Of the eternal allure of the Little Black Dress

Its classic style, and elegance 

(Epitomized by Audrey Hepburn, no less)

 And yet, let us now pause and ponder

The merits of another dark-hued wonder . . .

As worn by a particular Dwarf in Training

Whose muscular chest sent the garment straining!

 Of course, I am speaking of a certain gent's

Sublime article of attire---

That snug-fitting, chest-hugging LBS

that set our hearts on fire!

 Short sleeves on a summer's day in Kiwi Land-

 Sleeves that kissed that smooth fair skin,

Showcasing a set of biceps so brawny

Making the other lads look downright scrawny!

 LBS buttons, oh those buttons, as they tightly grasped

Engaging our attention, to make us pause and gasp-

Will they now, or wo...