Fast Forward

Fast Forward

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                                                             F A S T   F O R W A R D
 'Finding your feet isn't as difficult when you're surrounded by the people you love.' 
                                                              Aqueela Lawson
The klutz and her blue-eyed boy have finally managed to get over their first hurdle of life, but what about all the other hurdles waiting for them? 

Once again, the tight-knit family, Lawson's Legends, all find themselves in new places of with new challenges upon the horizon. Alone, they fail. Together, they succeed. The power of their friendship will be their strength, so says Aqueela.

However, with time slipping away, dreams coming true and drastic changes being made, the squad face their biggest challenge yet: staying together.

You'd think they'd learn by now.


Fast Forward into time with the family as they continue sharing in the hilarious, crazy and heart-warming moments that make up life.

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