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konnor By dougmcquaid Completed

A collection of letters. 

~ In which Louise White, a girl going through the stages of grief, writes to her dead loved one everyday, and one day he writes back. ~

~In which a mother tells her story of falling in an abyss of darkness to her son, who has long forgotten her already. ~

  • boy
  • dead
  • girl
  • letters
  • love
asiangurlinlove asiangurlinlove Aug 07, 2017
What mistakes? The only mistake here is that this book is completed and you won't write more.
vee_92 vee_92 Jul 09, 2016
I really had to increase the font size so as to be able to read while crying.
naojuni naojuni Feb 09, 2016
I wrote a lil story with a storyline looking like yours but you write so much better than me, your letter is absolutely perfect ! :D I'll read the next "chapter" now !
myfakebubble myfakebubble Jun 22, 2016
Needless to say that I have to wipe my phone screen off from all those tears
caslinewinchester caslinewinchester Feb 12, 2017
What KIND Of mother are you? Only good at opening your legs and letting the damn thing in and out of you? You failed.
orchidblossom33 orchidblossom33 Mar 13, 2016
I really think you should make 'letters' a continuous one shot book. It's really good and touching really.  Keep it up please.!