Making Wonders Together

Making Wonders Together

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Sometimes actions misconvey what we feel. And in that case, our loved one will be unaware of our feelings forever. This thought struck Neil hard. What if Aditi is unaware of his love for her?
Expressing our love is important.
"Aditi...You know that I love you right?" He asked.
Aditi stilled in her place, in her posture, in her movements. Then she smiled and said,
"I know"
Raghav came and stood behind her. Nikki continued to look at their image on the mirror.
"Open your eyes and look around. You can find the person I love everywhere. Everywhere in this room, everywhere in my world, everywhere in my heart, you can find my love. You can find you, my love. I love you, Nikki....I love you..." He said.  "
"I love you too Raghav...I love you too." Nikki said and hugged him.
Priya locked Aadiv between her and the wall.
"I love you Aadiv. When we met on the train, you were a stranger. In Manali, I thought of you as a friend. All the while I was thinking the same. But the second I saw you in the cab today, I knew that I love you. And after knowing that, if I went away without telling you, trust me, I would be doomed!"
"So, yeah! I love you" She said stressing on each word. 
"Ok, its time for me to leave. Bye, take care. love you!" She picked up her mobile and bag and left from there while Aadiv stood still unable to comprehend what just happened.
Love comes to you when you least expect it. 

Watch Aditi, Neil, Raghav, Nikki, Priya and Aadiv as they realise, confess and celebrate their love, their life.

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