Mosaic (Bucky Barnes X OC / Winter Soldier x OC)

Mosaic (Bucky Barnes X OC / Winter Soldier x OC)

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FlyingRedPanda By FlyingRedPanda Updated Sep 13, 2019

Placed 1st in 7 Awards. Currently 100 K + words long and nowhere near the end.

"The broken pieces... take the ones you do have, the ones you'll find, the ones you'll make and build something... build someone, who you could live with." 

A fractured mosaic, not the whole we once were. Not after all that's happened.

A story about two people and their interactions with each other, the people they come across, and the world around them.
All while being hunted by friend and foe alike.

(Bucky x OC Bucky Barnes x OC Winter Soldier x Original Character James Buchanan Barnes x OC - This is for searching.)

"Before reading Mosaic, I was not a Bucky Barnes fan in the least bit. The emotional experience of this story has completely changed the way that I view the character of Bucky Barnes." - @WyPark02 

Long Blurb: 
Hunted by everybody who's anybody for their own agenda after the Helicarriers crashed, the Winter Soldier's desperate to fix his fragmented mind before his programming walks him right back into Hydra's arms. But for the first time in decades, he had a name: Bucky. A start to finding himself. 

Bouncing from place to place, project to project wasn't going to stop Val from getting her dose of pulled pork sandwiches from a certain food truck in a park. A park where one amnesiac assassin was on a self imposed stakeout, and when her hectic life catches up to her, the little fragment of a hero that couldn't be carved out of him gets him tangled up in a kidnapping attempt.

I hope you enjoy this story. ^^

(P.S. for anyone from awards who don't know Bucky, I have a little part that breaks down the basic details that are useful to know.
Also, chapters are split into parts due to Wattpad completely bugging out more when a part is too long. So far it's deleted space, words and periods as well as adding in deleted words in a completely different place. And Wattpad's been inserting "Her body dropped." in random places.)