Candy Coated Kisses

Candy Coated Kisses

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JOJO♥ By YvonneJo Updated May 12, 2013

Dustin Rivers was the sweetest candy in the jar. It was the prime reason that had Candace Moore wrapped around his finger in the first place. Both soaring through Vista High like a piece of cake, their friendship had been slowly developing into something more. Until the day that fate decided to play with their hearts, and cause their friendship to disintegrate into meaningless nothings. 

Fresh out of high school, Candace Moore was ready to step into her deceased father’s shoes and take over the family business. The Candy Corner was a place where you fell in love. Fell in love with delicious, mouth-watering treats that is. After an awkward encounter at the candy store, Dustin and Candace slowly start to reconstruct what was left of their broken friendship even if it meant remaining as friends. 

Although, along the way they soon discover that mistakes were made, that some things were meant to be, and sometimes you just had to challenge destiny even if it meant leaving with a broken heart.

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BostonWrites BostonWrites Dec 29, 2011
Wow! You've got picky me hooked! The way you explain your characters is EPIC. (:
xWinglessx xWinglessx Dec 26, 2011
Your description is amazing and i loove your characters !! :D
YvonneJo YvonneJo Nov 19, 2011
@xxLilDhampir101xx @theanonymouswriter22  thanks for the comment guys, but could you maybe point out those errors please? I honestly can't find them if I don't know what you're talking about :)
ZenoTurtle ZenoTurtle Nov 19, 2011
@theanonymouswriter22 I 100% agree. Very well written with a sprinkle of errors. I know I'll be keeping this story in my Reading List. *Voted* :D
PumpedUpKicksX PumpedUpKicksX Nov 19, 2011
Positive; The beginning was extremely eye-catching. I love the descriptions and explanations you use.
                              Negative; More dialogue, please.
                              Rating; 7
                              Would I read a sequel; It depends on how your story develops in the future.
skiesjpg skiesjpg Nov 19, 2011
Hahaha cute dialouge, and nice start, ohhh and very original story you got there:D Love the title, it's so fluffy and cute!! I love cute stuff like this. Nice work!