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The path of love is never easy, especially when it's been forced on you by a fairy with a gun. Sabrina Stone Steeples, a spiteful stain upon society must keep romantic mad girl, Elizabeth Maria Tethers happy to avoid execution but that's the least of his problems. With murders, paranormal outbreaks, young crime lords, plotting agents, apocalyptic clubs and super science, can Sabrina change himself for the better as the world around him changes its self for the wilder. An explosive romantic and adventurous mystery science fiction and urban fantasy series of epic proportions with aspects of action and humor, written with the pace and atmosphere of a light novel or manga.
ok sorry for getting to you so late
                                    this story is nice and i like the idea but like @livelaughlove777  said you need to add more description to it
Woahhh maybe I need toread it again because that girl in the end just through me off....(reading).....u kno what what. Ima jus read the next chapter but u have nice writing skills nf good description but I'm so confused right now so ima go to the next chapter..(clicks)
Okay so I'm back!!! And I finally read pages 1 and 2
                                    (mind you its late at night and I dont feel like making a big-drawn out comment)
                                    The ending was cool, I still don't know how that girl (in the end) fits in with everything. Of course, I'll know this if I keep reading
                                    Put some more chapters on this
I really like this a lot. Great descriptions and action. Love your characters as well. Cannot wait for more!! :)
Its def interesting so far. Def advertise as much as possible I enjoyed reading this. I can't see anything wrong with it but i always have this issue about writing being squeezed together but its still great