Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Supernatural Imagines

Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Supernatural Imagines

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Camilla By AmyPondsBestFriend Updated Nov 14

Do you want SuperPotterWhoLock? Have you been having a decrease in feels? Are you positively and absolutely in love with Sherlock, The Doctor, Team Free Will or the Harry Potter hunks? Then you've come to the right place! 

This is a book full of drabbles, ideas and teeny one shots starring YOU! 

I have prove that your heart will dance to the Doctor Who theme tune, while I pass it tissues like it's listening to Carry On My Wayward Son.

Your Welcome, 


❝The fandoms have exploded. The world is burning as all Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock, and Supernatural fans are glued to their laptops, tablets, or phones, reading this story. And I am one of them.❞  ~ TheMightyPloffph

❝*cracks knuckles and grabs a cuppa tea* this will be amazing! I can feel it in my mind palace.❞   ~ White_Winged_Angel

❝OMG I love them, I don't know how you came up with them because just are just SOOO AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE!!! Your so good at writing them, please please keep going!!! xx <3❞  ~  okthatsnormal

❝You are amazing! You've taken the shows I've loved and smushed them into a so freaking worth it apple pie!❞ ~ CTHughesBookWormLife

I am a demon hunter who travelled with a time Lord and got stuck helping the avengers. Those r my fandoms.lol
*sees "Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson" in the cast*
                              THIS WAS NOT MENTIONED IN THE DESCRIPTION
                              *claps like a seal excitedly*
Tee-xo Tee-xo Feb 14
This is a perfect representation of what it's like being in fandoms ;-;
When you find somebody new to the fandom *shows the picture* it's gonna be one hell of a rollercoaster! 😂😂😂
QuelleGirl QuelleGirl May 26
I love howa lot of the gift that "explains" fandoms, are from a TV show that doesn't have a fandom😂
Can I just ask HOW you became so popular?! It's unbelievable! I've never gotten a single comment on a story and you have like 20 million! It's incredible!